What is Metal Fabrication?




What is Metal Fabrication?

Building the structure of metal by cutting, bending, and assembling the raw metal is called Metal Fabrication. The cutting of metal during fabrication is done by saw, shear, or chisel; torching is done with handheld torches like oxy-fuel torches or plasma torches. The bending is done using hammering, press brakes and similar type tools. The assembling that is joining of the metal pieces is done using welding, threaded fasteners, adhesives and riveting.

Scope of Metal Fabrication:

  • The work done by blacksmith is also included in fabrication.
  • The products produced by welders involve the use of fabrication.
  • The making of boilers also requires the skilled use of fabrication techniques.
  • Steel erectors/ironworkers, are also involved in metal fabrication jobs.


Raw materials

The standard raw materials used by metal fabricators are plate metal, Sheet Metal, tube stock, welding wire, hardware, CDSM, square stock, sectional metals, castings and fittings.



Many fabrication shops have speciality processes which they develop or invest in, based on their customers’ needs and their expertise:

The various fabrication techniques used for building and developing expertise metal structures are:

  • brazing
  • chipping
  • drawing
  • hydroforming
  • oven soldering
  • punching
  • shearing
  • welding (Tig welding, Mig welding,Arc welding etc.)


The semi finished Fabricated structures are later finished by some below given finishing Processes :

  • Powder coating or painting
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Sand Blasting
  • Electro plating
  • Polishing etc


Manomay group is a leading producer of engineering products aims to provide 100% quality products to its every customer. During the entire manufacturing process that involves metal fabrication, quality of the product is consistently checked at all stages, especially the dimension and welding quality of the product manufactured. Certainly our in-house quality control experts also ensure that only the best reaches our invaluable customers. A fine care is taken by Manomay group experts during every stage of the production of the structures that may satisfy customers need.

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