Various Sheet Metal stamping components




Various Sheet Metal stamping components

Different industries need different require various sheet metal components. Manomay Group is successfully providing products to such industries since last 15 years. The various sheet metal products that we provide to different industries are as follows:


Sheet Metal stamping components for automobile industries: 

  • Automobile door stamping parts
  • Automobile air dryer stamping
  • Automobile stamping parts- Sen.
  • Automobile and motorcar stamp
  • Stainless steel cooking ware
  • Booster shell
  • Automobile parts-06
  • Flange
  • Automobile, motor hardware accessory


Sheet Metal deep drawn components are used for perfume tins, food packaging, and kitchen vessels.


The various types of products that are produced for these industries are: 

  • Hardware stamping parts
  • Deep drawn-06
  • Deep drawn-05
  • Line box
  • Stamped part
  • Precision stamping parts
  • Deep drawn for perfume cap
  • Stamping parts stretch-02


Metal sheet components are also used in industries like computers and televisions etc. 

  • Computer EMI hardware
  • computer components
  • EMI parts-01
  • Computer EMI parts
  • Computer EMI metal parts


Manomay is a major manufacturer of sheet metal components to a large and diversified customer base company supplying precision Sheet Metal parts for use in the manufacture and assembly of electrical electronics, building, automobile etc. Manomay Group also leads the Metal Stamping and Injection Moulding industry in Australia.