Varied range of Plastic Injection Moulded components manufactured.




Varied range of Plastic Injection Moulded components manufactured.

Plastic injection moulded components are used mainly for packaging purposes in the industries like medical, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and various home appliances producing industries.

The most advantageous part of this process is that highly précised products can be obtained having the required characteristics. And the identical products can be manufactured easily.


Moulds are firstly prepared in the tool room as per the requirement of the industrial products and then the manufacturing of the required product is carried out.


The Plastic Injection Moulded components manufactured for medical industries are syringes, tubes, bottles etc. These medical products are produced with high precision so the required aim can be satisfied.


The Plastic injection Moulded components manufactured for Food and Beverage Production industries include cold drink bottles, packaging container etc.


Many of the electrical industry précised product requirements are satisfy Plastic injection moulded components. The various products like tube light holders and many more are produced through Plastic Injection Moulding.


Varied automobile and many other industrial accessories are also prepared by the Plastic injection Moulding.


Many machine components for varied industries are Plastic Injection Moulding like drain plugs, grease nipple, bolts, fittings, shafts, pipe fittings, traub products like clevis pins, coupling nuts, plugs, adaptors etc.


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