The various helpful tools provided through Tool Room Services




The various helpful tools provided through Tool Room Services

In Tool Room tools and dies required for different structure building processes are manufactured. Press tools for preparing Sheet Metal components, moulds for producing plastic products; dies etc are produced in tool room.


For Sheet Metal components the following different types of press tools are prepared:

  • Stamping tool
  • Progressive tool,
  • Draw tools compound tools,
  • Bending tools, etc


For Plastic Injection Moulded components the following needed moulds are prepared in the tool room:


Casting die needed to produce aluminium and zinc casting products like filter cover cap, engine covers etc are also prepared in tool room. Also the forging dies useful in dying the forged final structures are also prepared in Tool Room.


Also the Jigs and Fixture are manufactured in Tool Room.


Jigs and Fixture are used for location and holding and inspection for the produced components form Sheet Metal, plastic components, machined components etc. It may vary as per the specification and requirements.


Manomay Group apart from expertising Sheet Metal Manufacturing, has specialized in design and development of Dies & Tools, moulds of all kind which are useful in Packaging, Appliances, Medical, Electrical and Automotive industries. Our experienced mould / tool designers and engineers are capable of transforming a highly complicated product design into a precision-finished product.