Structural Steel Fabrication and Welding for Engineers of WA




Structural Steel Fabrication and Welding for Engineers of WA

To fill the gap of knowledge, expertise and practice in the metal fabricators of WA, the Australian Steel Institute – ASI is coming up with an industry standard courseware that is capable of updating the lacked knowledge of sheet metal engineers of WA.


All about the event


The metal fabrication industry’s engineers who are in the process of designing and specifying fabricated steel structures need a practical understanding of steel materials, the processes and practices of welding, cutting and forming, and weld testing and quality control. This knowledge is essential if fabricated steel structures are to be economical, practical and fit-for-purpose.
Some of professionals do have the opportunity to gain substantial exposure to fabrication workshops or testing activities. This short course fills the gap by combining broad theory and hands-on practical experience.


Event in details


The event of the Australian Steel Industry has designed this course as an event and opportunity to sharpen the metal fabrication expertise of a sheet metal industry engineer. The detail of the event-cum-course is as follow:


Location : 25 Aberdeen Street, Level 1, Room W125, Perth, WA
Venue : Central Institute of Technology
Type : Course
Date(s) : 26 October 2011
2 November 2011
9 November 2011
16 November 2011
23 November 2011
30 November 2011
7 December 2011


According to Australian Steel Industry – ASI, this course-cum-event will add a number of values in sheet metal engineers. Main advantages of this course/event are:


• Metal Fabrication engineers will be able to Design structures to suit specific fabrication processes, procedures and automation.

• The course will also make you able to specify non-destructive testing procedures understanding limitations and costs.

• Once you are done with the course, you will be able to understand basics of heat-affected zones, residual stresses and distortion.

• Also you will be able to interpret welding procedures and welder qualification records, and material certificates.

• Avoid many common design errors in steel structures.


This is also an affordable opportunity to boost your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. The course comprises 21 contact hours and counts as Engineers Australia CPD points.


For payments other than credit card, please email for a payment form. Your place in the course will be reserved when payment is received.


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