Metal Stamping: How to select the Metal Stamping Vendor




Metal Stamping: How to select the Metal Stamping Vendor

The task of searching for a Metal Stamping Vendor who can fulfill your Metal Stamping requirements should not be taken lightly because Metal Stamping process requires high quality and skilled performance applied in the execution process. We advise you to discuss a variety of important points with potential Metal Stamping vendors before you make any final decision. But what are the important points that you need to discuss with your potential Metal Stamping vendors and what you need to discuss with them prior to making any deal? Here are they.


Important Points you should discuss :


The Process – The process of Metal Stamping is one of the most important steps in forming high quality metal stamping. So you should (in fact must) check the quality of the process that forms metal stamping. You should check whether the run size, laser cutting, water jet cutting etc are being done properly or not. Because if the process is not done properly then it will produce low quality, high cost products.


Check for Materials – The materials used in the metal stamping process must be checked for the quality. We suggest you check various materials used in the process. Because it is possible and often happens that different materials having same characteristics vary in the quality.


Lead Time – This is probably again one of the most important points and very critical aspect of metal stamping point. It is important to understand the lead times from order to shipping time.


Multi-pressing tools – Check if metal stampers can run current tool in more than one metal press or not because metal stamper that can’t run current tool in more than one metal press will create some problems such as: extended delivery time, higher cost etc.


Finished Inventory – Always check for metal stampler’s ability to deliver the finished inventory and check whether the finished good meets and matches requirements as specified in order.


If you follow the suggestions given here, you will surely have perfect metal stamping. Apart from Metal Stamping, we will also give you suggestions on Metal Fabrication and Sheet Metal.