Metal Fabrication Industry and Issues of Hearing Damage




Metal Fabrication Industry and Issues of Hearing Damage

Metal Fabrication industry in Australia is passing through a revolutionary phase with the industry registering high speed growth. Major Companies in Metal Fabrication industry are already posting robust and stable profit margins and have sustainable growth for the future as well. But the big concern in this growth story is about the physical health of the workforce of the Metal Fabrication industry.


One of the most dangerous cautions being faced by the industry workers is noise pollution which often leads them to lose the hearing power or reduced hearing power.


The average volume can be estimated to be in the range of 80 to 120 DB in Metal Fabrication industry where metal presses, hammering and metal objects are being executed.  The high level of noise is generally also found in the areas of welding and gouging. This high level of noise may be for short time and may be for long time too but can’t be ignored or can’t be taken lightly because this danger causes very high risk diseases. Not just this noise, there are a lot other caution to hearing power of working man. For example, impact generating from the bashing on metal plates are potentially more hazardous to the hearing power.


How this noise pollution can be controlled ? 


The problem of Noise Pollution in the Metal Fabrications companies is general is getting worsen day by day. Many companies are sincerely trying to solve this problem and many associations are also working towards finding a permanent and efficient solution. Some of the efficient and effective steps which have even proved to be successful in reducing noise and protecting man power against such risky noise pollutions.


Some of these actions are :
•    Providing noise protectors to the workers
•    Locate some of noise control equipment
•    Install sound proof enclosure for operators
•    Use mobile enclosure where noisy work has to be carried out.
•    Scheduling noisy activity to a particular time shift

Thus noise pollution in the Metal Fabrication industry which has sub branches such as Sheet Metal and Fabrication can efficiently reduced by applying these measurements.