Materials used for metal fabrication..




Materials used for metal fabrication..

Metal Fabrication process involves building metal structure by cutting, bending, and assembling the raw metal. Metal Fabrication is one of the most important processes for building up the metallic structure for various industries like Architectural & Construction, Mining & Minerals industries, Water Treatment, Food and Beverage Production, Energy Generation etc. The metallic structure governs the working of all these industries so fine care must be taken about the materials selected and process involved in building those structures.


Various materials used in this process are:


  • Metallic Plate

  • Based on the structure to be developed, their application and the industry served the metal to be used are decided. For example stainless steel plate is used for preparing metal structures required by industries like Architectural & Construction, Energy Generation.


  • Expanded Metal

    • Square stock

    • Tube stock

    • Sectional metals stocks like C-channel, I beams, W beams etc.

  • Metal plates are sheared in a press to form a metal stock known as expanded metal. Due to shearing metals get stretched and leave behind them diamond shape voids that are enclosed by interlinked metal bars. Following are the types of expanded metal.


  • Welding wire

  • Welding wires are used to weld metals because of which flux adhesion and corrosion resistance are increased.


  • Hardware

  • Hardware’s are metal fittings and parts for making the structures stronger, long lasting and easy to assemble.


  • Moulds/Castings

  • Casting process is used to manufacture metal structure of desired shape using moulds from high temperature metal in liquid state. These moulds are designed as per the requirement of the customers.


Many processes, many types of raw materials are involved in the completion of metal fabrication process. And for a perfect metal structure, each and every minute detail of the process associates have to be taken high care of.


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