Explore new horizons in Metal Stamping services




Explore new horizons in Metal Stamping services

Manomay Group – the renowned name having its core expertise in the stamping of tight tolerance and high precision metal components has now come up with Metal Stamping. Manomay Group has been successfully dominating the areas of sheet metal and fabrication.

Metal Stamping is the process of manufacturing, shaping and sizing sheet metal. This process includes a chain of operations like blending, coining, blanking, drawing forming, and piercing the sheet metal. Each operation of metal stamping service has its own importance in the entire process, negligence of which could lead to a poor outcome lacking quality and sustainability.

Manomay Group always insists and adheres to the prescribed methodologies in the process of metal stamping and that’s the reason why we are dominating the metal sheet metal industry. Our teams of professionals who invest their hours into researching the new horizons in metal stamping and sheet metal help you gain as much Returns on Investment as possible.

Widespread and unique reach with uniform quality

Manomay Group as always has again explored new horizons in the metal stamping and has continued its tradition to establish new benchmarks in the sheet metal fabrication.  Our metal stamping service has its widespread reach in a variety of industry domains keeping a uniform quality level. A variety of industry domains where we enjoy our leading position are:

             Electrical and Electronics
             Industrial and Agricultural
             Building and construction
             Aircraft and aerospace
             Motorcycles, Bicycles and consumer products etc.

Our Metal Stamped products do have a variety of applications such as:

             Roof Vents
             Fuel Tank covers
             Electrical and electronic components
             Gaskets, Exhaust systems, etc.

If you ever wander in search of quality solutions for Metal Stamping services, Manomay Group is here to put an end to your search!