Application of Metal Fabrication...




Application of Metal Fabrication...

Metal Fabrication is the process of building metal structures by bending, cutting and assembling the raw metal. Many important parts of industrial machines and engines are prepared through the process of Metal Fabrication.


The various application of Metal Fabrication process is as follows:

  • Building products like roof curb, assembly, manifold.
    Roof curbs or raised metal frames are used to hold mechanical units like air conditioners, exhaust fans etc on the roof. Metal Assemblies also does a similar type of work, it is useful in holding metal structure together tightly. There are chances of industrial machineries or engines to have a risk of malfunctioning if these small parts are not in liable condition.

  • Heat Recovery Boiler, Boilers, Fire Tube Boilers
    Boilers are closed vessels where fluids are heated at high temperature and this heat of fluid is further used in various other processes like production of electrical and mechanical energy. High temperature heat energies are being processed in boiler so it is necessary that a fine care is taken during the production of plants or else it may lead to destruction of whole plant.

  • Pressure Vessel Pressure
    Vessels hold fluids at a certain high pressure in furnaces. It is important that pressure vessel work properly else the power plant may function incorrectly and a minor malfunctioning can cause major damage to expensive power plant.

  • Heat Exchanger,
    Heat Exchanger is used for heat transfer processes in power plants. For efficient and successful heat transfer the heat exchanger used should be made up of suitable quality raw metal and should be processed with efficient Metal Fabrication process.

  • Pressure Tanks, Chemical Reactors & Tanks, Food Grade Tanks,
    Pressure tanks are used to store high pressured fluids in a power plant.


Chemical reactors or tanks are used in nuclear power stations for storing the gases which are undergoing chemical reactions.

Above were the some of the examples of the metal structures prepared through the process of Metal Fabrication. A skilful processing of the raw metal generates an efficient required product.


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