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About us

If you are looking for an engineering firm that can help increase your production efficiency and figure out cost-effective measures to step up production and profit, your search ends with Manomay Group. We offer invaluable service in manufacturing and supplying innovative Metal Fabrication product, Sheet Metal components, machined and plastic injection molded components, Metal Stamping, press tools and dies.


Today, Manomay is a leading engineering organization and metal fabricator with a global clientele and offers quality solutions through its two prominent entities - one in India and the other in Australia. MANOMAY INDUSTRIES INDIA PVT LTD. is the division of MANOMAY Group that operates through the manufacturing unit in the Indian sub-continent. Was also known as Shree Laxmi Fabrication providing job works ( A division of Manomay Group ) , it is located in Pune. We have achieved a large client base in India from across different sectors.We at Manomay India  can boast of having secured significant export orders from a number of countries like the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We also offer the facility of contract manufacturing that gives a flexible option to the customers with regard to their financial aspect. In an attempt to offer the best quality products in the most competitive rates, we have introduced subsidiaries in China and philiphine. You can request a quote for these products and we assure you to get them at the best price with no compromise in quality.


MANOMAY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD operates from Melbourne with the explicit aim of serving the localized clients. This unit of Manomay started its activity in the areas of fabrication, tooling, precision machined components, pressed and plastic production technology. Manomay Australia Pty Ltd has succeeded in developing sales activities not only in Australia but also in New Zealand. Our Melbourne-based division has been providing local customers with technical supports to come up with cost effective ways that eventually lead to a considerably higher margin.


Manomay Australia works towards offering competitive contract manufacturing, sales and technical support to customers in Australia and New Zealand. We aim at benefitting our local customers with an absolute cost efficient technical support in obtaining the finished product. On several occasions, we also provide the service of supplying assembled products in Australia that has been manufactured by our suppliers in Australia with the parts being imported from India.


Manomay Group of industry is a pioneering manufacturer of technology components. We have carved a niche for us through our excellent unique designs. As the advancement in technology sector seems to imply its upward growth in future, we focus on how we can deliver our best to cater to the emerging market needs. We offer a specialized trading service and expertise in the area of machine tool, industrial and tool room supplies. Sales and installation of machines is our domain of specialization.To be more precise, with Manomay, you can expect the best. We not only stock products that meet the requirement of your existing plants and production facilities, but we also offer customized engineering solutions. We also provide advanced assembly of our individual components. Through our customization service, you seek to increase your production efficiency.

We Provide Solution That Works


We have fifteen years of experience in fabricating and manufacturing variety of components. Through our valued service, we have created a distinct presence in a wide-range of sectors such as construction, energy generation, transportation and automobiles, pharmaceutical etc.


We offer solution to the CUSTOM MADE Products Such as Automobile Parts, Industrial Boilers, Stainless Steel equipment, Electrical Bus bars, Gaskets, Bull Bars ,Building Products like Aluminum Roof curb assembly , Manifolds etc.We manufacture all kind of custom made products as per customers designs and specifications.


We also Manufacture Product such as Fittings Like Elbows, Adaptors, Nipples Lift guide pin and Nuts. And Injection Moulded Products such as Drippers, Sprinklers, fuse holders, domestic household Products as per customer requirement We have the required expertise to understand the needs of a manufacturer and offer solution after close analysis of the specification of our clients. As a result, our clients get an edge in the competitive market. We have earned the reputation for having served our clients with complete satisfaction


One Stop Solution At Manomay


In Product Development the products are created in a comprehensive process from start to finish creating a high quality product . The process begins with an initial concept and design phase, is creating on paper through Drawing, goes through prototyping ,precision tooling and development. In the end, the final product is thoroughly designed and specified with excellent Quality.


Our services are absolutely reliable and are the best in the industry. We make sure that you get the right component from us. We are dedicated to be your ‘single source’ that reduces labor and increases productivity. Whether you are looking for a single piece of fabricated product or planning to overhaul an entire set up for any machined, sheet metal or injection molded product, you can request us for a quote.

Our charges are very competitive. We are open to any project and negotiation. We are always glad to work close with our clients to understand their needs in a better and comprehensive way.


If you are interested in availing our service, you are most welcome to contact us.